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Hog Farmer 3 Wire 6 Blade MINI Rig


Offering a smaller and more compact presentation, the HogFarmer 3 Wire 6 Blade Mini Rig is perfect for those times when fish are keying in on smaller baitfish or you just need to downsize your offering to get bit. While it may be small, the Mini Rig produces big action thanks to its six glimmering blades that give it the illusion of a smaller, more vulnerable ball of baitfish.

Built entirely from top-of-the-line components, the 3 Wire 6 Blade Mini Rig features heavy-duty wire, which is able to withstand rod-jarring strikes and land multiple large fish at once. Also equipped with premium clevises, 80lb snap swivels, and an impact resistant head for enhanced durability, the HogFarmer 3 Wire 6 Blade Mini Rig delivers heavy firepower in a light load and is a must-have for those times when bass are targeting smaller forage.

Wire Length – 4.5”

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