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Seabass Outdoors Seminar


Learn tips, tricks and everything in between from Canadian Tackle Store owner and record setting angler, Sebastien Roy (aka: Seabass Outdoors) 

Whether you've spent ample time on the ice or are just starting to get into ice fishing, we've got seminars for everyone. 

Once you have purchased your spot for the seminar an email will be sent out containing location and further information within 72 hours.

Please Note:
Covid-19 regulations are in place. Masks must be worn at all times. Maximum 6 participants per seminar. Please bring your own materials for notes etc.

Beginner Ice Fishing:
Taking a look into starting your Ice Fishing journey on the Central Ontario Lakes, Seabass will cover everything from planning your daytrip, to techniques, what lures work best for specific species, and safety while you enjoy your new hobby. You'll be stepping onto the ice with confidence after this seminar. Feel free to bring up to two rods and reels for a review on rigging. 
Tuesday, November 24th - 7-9 pm 

Back Lakes Ice Fishing:
Some of the best ice fishing can come from remote locations. In our Back Lakes Ice Fishing seminar Seabass will teach you how to save time and maximize productivity on an unfamiliar lake. Also covered will be making an educated lake selection, a breakdown of most productive techniques, targeting specific species, and an in-depth look at your equipment and electronics and how to optimize them for the best catch. Feel free to bring your units and up to two rods and reels for reviews and tips. 
Wednesday, November 25th - 7-9pm

Advanced Ice Fishing:
You love the sport but you're looking to up your game? Our Advanced Ice Fishing seminar is perfect for you. Seabass will be breaking down and reviewing techniques, teaching you how to capitalize on fish behavior and movement, review the best equipment, teach you how to understand and refine a pattern, and how to optimize the use of your fish finder. Feel free to bring your units and up to two rods and reels (rigged for fishing Simcoe) for reviews and tips. 
Wednesday, November 18th - 7-9pm
Thursday, November 19th - 7-9pm
Wednesday, December 2nd - 7-9pm
Thursday, December 3rd - 7-9pm