How much is shipping?

We do our best to keep shipping costs to a minimum with a $12 flat rate within Ontario.

Additional shipping charges may apply for out of province shipments.

This does not apply to the shipment of rods, which is $25 flat rate (please see below under Fishing Rods.)

Can I pick up my order instead of having it shipped?

In short, no. We do not have a store front (yet) and we cannot meet in Simcoe County at any given time. As much as we love our customers and supporters, our time frame simply does not allow for pick up's/personal deliveries- on the ice or otherwise. As our support grows, we grow and hope to in the near future open a store so we can accommodate as many dedicated angler's as we can.  

How long after I place my order does it ship?

We strive to get your products to you as quickly as possible. We guarantee and turnaround of 1-3 days (not including holidays and weekends) and a shipping time of 3-5 days  (not including holidays and weekends). 

How can I track my shipment?

We ship via Canada Post. Once the order has been shipped, you will be sent a tracking number. In cases where you have ordered a fishing rod in addition to other products, you will receive 2 tracking numbers. We do our best to follow up with emails of our own containing your tracking number, but depending on the intake of orders, we are not always able. 

Does shipping change depending on the amount of items I order?

No, it is a flat rate. Whether you order 1 Goby Flava scent or 15 different Drifters, the cost stays the same.


  • Rods are personally inspected and carefully packaged in a secure tube for shipping.

  • When placing an order for a rod in addition to other products, 2 parcels will be sent out and you will receive
    2 separate tracking numbers for the same order.

  • Rods are a flat rate of $25 within Ontario. This includes the product order package. 

  • Please wait patiently if one package arrives before the other. While they are shipped at the same time, we have no control over how the order is processed during shipping. 


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