Accu Cull Weight Recorder

Accu Cull Weight Recorder

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The last thing you need to be doing when you pull in a record fish is to be fumbling around trying to accurately record the weight.  Get rid of those greasy pencils, markers and writing boards; you'll have everything you need with the Accu Cull Weight Recorder System!
Equipped with live-well mounting and built with sturdy 100% plastic ABS Construction, you can record the weight with a few clicks into the recorder. The dials click into place to prevent movement after being set.
Use in conjunction with the Accu Cull Elite E-Con Culling Tags for a colour coordinated system. 


  • Record up to 7 fish in pounds and ounce
  • Highest recording is 9.99
  • Product dimensions 4.5"x 8" x 1.5"




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