Bubba 8" E-Glide Blade

Bubba 8" E-Glide Blade

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The Bubba EFK Freshwater Series of Blades are designed specifically for the freshwater angler who target species such as Walleye, Crappie, Lake Trout and even speckled trout. These blades have been redesigned to have a less aggressive style of blade teeth to deliver optimal cutting action to provide a clean cut of the fillet without ever cutting through skin or back bone of less dense Freshwater fish. The 7-Flex Freshwater Blade will have the same overall structure as our regular 7 E-Flex Blades but will have the redesigned less aggressive freshwater teeth. Each Blade is sold separately.


Teeth Re-Designed for Freshwater Species Fish

Included Accessories:

Dual-Rivet Blade Design (8 E-Stiff)

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