DUO Realis

Duo Realis Tetra Works Entry Set


For those who are just getting into ice fishing for the first time or for those who are looking to explore the Tetra Works line, the Tetra Works Entry Set is a perfect all in one product!

Included in the Set 
1 x Content Case

 (4 x various weights and sizes)

A completely original hook has been hammered down in the mid section for a flashing effect, ideal for use with clear type soft baits. In addition, this flat/wider section helps the soft plastics to maintain its ideal set position. The specifically designed inward facing line-eye and the open gape helps anglers set hook with the least amount of effort.

 (6 x in 1 random colour)
Burny is a flat bodied twin tail soft plastic. The twin tails glue together during the retrieve creating a super subtle pulsation effect.
 (6 x in 1 random colour)
Unique diagonally set ring shapes assist Chop in its natural fall, maintain its range and automatically drift with the current.
 (6 x in 1 random colour)
Pipin is designed with a square shape cross-section to increase the water resistance allowing for an easier handling when utilizing the drifting technique.