Hog Farmer Baits

Hog Farmer MOP Rig


Delivering maximum flash and vibration, the Hog Farmer MOP Rig features a 7-wire construction with 10 super bright willow blades to attract bass from miles away.  This is the rig to have tied on when the water’s dirty and rough, or those times when you’re trying to present the largest school of baitfish as possible. 

The MOP Rig is outfitted with 80lb snap swivels, high-quality clevises, and premium willow blades attached by ball bearing swivels that turn at any speed.  The MOP Rig is also built with extra tough wires that can stand up to vicious strikes and land multiple fish at once.  Available with snap swivels to run 3-hooked baits, the Hog Farmer MOP Rig has a full-bodied profile that will help you mop up the competition.