Imakatsu Stealth Swimmer


The Stealth Swimmer is a soft plastic swimbait featuring Imakatsu's stealth hook system that positions a retractable hook which is fixed inside the bait's body via a magnet and provide a weedless presentation. Once a bass strikes it, the tension on the line allows the hollow body to bend, and the big single hook is exposed and powerfully pierces the fish's jaw. It is no small engineering feat, as this is the first swimbait we've ever seen to use this type of system. The fish never sees any sort of hook while the bait is swimming, and yet the hook will be completely exposed on hook set - hence the name, the Stealth Swimmer.

The Imakatsu Stealth Swimmer is essentially the next evolution in the hollow body style of baits where you previously had to hook them using a belly weighted shank swimbait hook. Now, with the Stealth Swimmer, instead of actually piercing the bait and tearing it up, the included jig heads slip right into place and give you a ready to fish bait. Imakatsu includes both a weighted an unweighted jig head with each 2 pack of baits. The unweighted jig head is good for your shallow water reeds, docks, rocks or standing timber. The 3/8oz weighted model is intended for deeper water from 7 - 13 or so feet which make them excellent for deeper rock piles. When changing the jig heads, we are told a small amount of scent or even just some water will make the hook slide into place easier -  and you can't go wrong with Seabass Outdorrs The Sauce scent exclusive to CTS. 

  • Stealth Swimmer measures 6.3" in length and comes 2 per pack which includes two hooks.
  • Stealth Swimmer Baby measures 5" in length and comes 2 per pack which includes two hooks.