DUO Realis

Duo Realis Vibration 55/65 Nitro


The Nitro is a high appeal lure that will get attention with its powerful torquey vibration action and a rattle that can be heard from afar. As a vibration lure, it works mainly by getting attention rather than imitating natural baitfish. With a body designed to push and move a lot of water, and a relatively slow sinking rate, the Nitro has an appealing fall that will awaken the appetite of your target. It is very responsive to rod work and will enact a beautiful lift and fall or a powerful vibration action when retrieved straight. The Nitro is a new type of vibration bait that you have to try!



Nitro 55
Length: 2 1/8" (55mm)
Weight: 3/8oz (11.5g)
Nitro 65
Length: 2 5/8" (65mm)
Weight: 5/9oz (17.5g)