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Evergreen LoudBuzz (LB) Buzzbait


When it comes to buzz baits, the Evergreen LoudBuzz is truly in a class of it's own. An abundance of features combine to help you attract, hook and land more fish. 

Complete with a custom offset aluminum prop fitted with a bead on a stainless steel shaft maximizes noise and commotion, increasing the water displaced by the bait. Fixed with an aluminum rivet for maximum squeak sounds. A custom molded head includes both a keel and side wings. This helps to keep the bait tracking upward, as well as running true when retrieved. A custom designed 4/0 hook, complete with hook keeper for adding a trailer maximizes the strength and versatility, with an aluminum rivet for maximum durability. Maximizes noise and commotion through the water, drawing in fish from a distance.  A high-strength 1.0mm wire keeper that is easy to pierce the trailer and has excellent holding power. Arranged upward so that weeds and dust are not easily caught. The Loudbuzz uses a large diameter 1.3 mm wire that does not easily deform even when used roughly around the cover. Power angle design to bring to hooking with high probability without power loss.  Offered in a wide selection of custom color combinations, the Evergreen LB Buzzbait provides Japanese-made quality and performance that will out fish all the old buzzbaits in your tackle box.


  • 5 1/4" (135mm)
  • 3/8 oz

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