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Gan Craft Jointed Claw 178


The Jointed Claw is a hard bodied, jointed swimbait which displays a wide "S" action swimming motion. Gan Craft designed the Jointed Claw to target big bass providing a large profile capable of imitating only the largest forage species such as trout, shad and hitch. Combining the realistic appearance, large size and seductive swimming action, the 178 size delivers the ideal presentation for hunting down giant bass. The Jointed Claw 178 displays a smooth, wide side to side swimming action with a slow retrieve - the bait makes its' way through the water like the pied piper getting bass's attention and eventually convincing them to strike. In clear water you can see shadows approaching and typically, without hesitation, engulfing the bait. While the steady, slow retrieve is perhaps the most widely used - this bait isn't a one trick pony. Anglers can employ any number of retrieve speed and impart twitches to achieve a more erratic display. The Gan Craft Jointed Claw 178 can do it all.

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