Hog Farmer Baits

Hog Farmer 5 Wire 8 Blade Rig MINI


Delivering the same outstanding bass attraction as its bigger brethren, the HogFarmer Mini Rig 5 Wire 8 Blade offers a compact, bladed presentation that generates serious flash and big bites. Built around an impact-resistant head, the HogFarmer Mini Rig 5 Wire 8 Blade is festooned with 8  willow blades, which create the illusion of a glimmering ball of bait.

Built entirely from top-of-the-line components, the HogFarmer Rig 5 Wire rigs feature premium clevises, 80lb swivels, low-profile camo wire, and heavy-duty snaps – all of which are capable of withstanding crushing strikes and multiple fish. Delivering big time attraction in a compact package.