Hog Farmer Hog Wobbler Swim Bait Head

Hog Farmer Hog Wobbler Swim Bait Head

Weight 1/2 oz 6/0
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Backed by a strong, hard-thumping vibration, the Hog Farmer Hog Wobbler combines premium components with a time-tested construction that calls to big bass. Built with a grooved ball head and included with pliable rubber bills, the Hog Farmer Hog Wobbler creates a shimmy-inducing resistance as they move through the water, bringing your trailer to life with each turn of the handle.

Locking soft plastics in-place, the Hog Farmer Hog Wobbler is built with a barbed baitkeeper along the shank, which ensures a proper presentation cast-after-cast. Backed by a razor-sharp hook, the Hog Farmer Baits Hog Wobbler delivers a top-of-the-line construction that competitive anglers can appreciate. 


  • 2 per pack
  • Colour = Unpainted
  • Made in the USA

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