Imakatsu BullBison 400 Magnum Crankbait


The Imakatsu Bull Bison 400 took second prize at the JB Tournament (JBTA Open) which was first held in Kansai and first participated in the event. Giant shad type salt plug for Imate Katsutaka changed his life 34 years since then. In 2018 when Magnum size crank was no longer common sense, the state-of-the-art Magnum size shad crank inspired by its brilliant memory and experience was born. Bull Bison 400 (submarine depth: 4.0 m) with a total length of 140 mm and a weight of 50 g,Despite its overwhelming size, with a light feeling of comfort unique to Shad style, it is a Magnum crank which can be rolled up easily with high speed winding comfortably. With a aerodynamic body and center of gravity movement weight that reduces air resistance in reverse wind,Realized an explosive flight distance that does not take the wind of Lake Biwa as much as possible.Big wobble roll action specification that fully demonstrates power and fish-fighting power while shad shape.In addition, the high buoyancy body which floats while kicking back by lip angle and shape design is able to escape easily from the stack by stopping and lightly loosening with a rod even if it pushes into the weed and irrigation bush at high speed "Auto stack less function" You will fully demonstrate.Please keep in mind that a byte often appears when levitating after escaping from this stack.In autumn 's Magnum cranking season, and early Spring irrigation bush big mama,Please make a challenge to the super sparring shad crank "Bull Bison" which exceptionally shows the big fish probability to the pre-spawn.


  • Imakatsu Bull Bison 400 Crankbait

  • Length: 140 mm   Weight: 50g   Depth: 4.0m   Type: Floating