Imakatsu Gillpop Swimbait

Imakatsu Gillpop Swimbait

Colour Female Gill
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Imported directly from Japan, the Imakatsu Gillpop provides one of the most realistic and lifelike Bluegill imitations ever produced.  During the peak low oxygen season, bluegills often come up from the weedbeds to oxygenate themselves on the surface, and the Gillpop’s unique popping action flawlessly emulates this natural occurrence.  This also creates an ideal opportunity for a monster bass to grab an easy, unsuspecting, meal.

The Gillpop features a broken tail design that produces a very subtle swimming motion as it rests on the surface, enticing the most wary bass.  It’s also equipped with 3D eyes, 3D gill plate accents, a seamless fin design. Incredibly realistic 3D paint job also give the Imakatsu Gillpop an impeccable bluegill profile.


  • Length 4.75"
  • Weight 1.6 oz

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