Imakatsu Replicator Swimbait


One of the most highly innovative swimbaits ever created, the Imakatsu Replicator Swimbait allows anglers to completely change the action of the bait to suit a wide range of conditions and scenarios. Featuring a three-piece body design, the Imakatsu Replicator Swimbait comes with three interchangeable tails that switch the action from a wide gliding action to an S-shaped swim or a straight linear swimming action, as well as, the buoyancy so that you always have the best swimbait for the situation. It also comes with multiple hook styles for fishing in different environments or when you are around wary lure-shy bass that won’t commit to biting. Finished with 3D eyes, 3D gills, and exposed fins, and a custom paint job that bring it to life in the water, the Imakatsu Replicator Swimbait delivers versatility and performance that is second-to-none.

Flat Tail Mode – The most basic setting of the Imakatsu Replicator Swimbait, the flat tail allows the bait so swim with its fullest range of motion, which creates a methodical wide gliding action with a steady retrieve. It can also be used with sharp jerks that will get the bait to dart side-to-side aggressively to trigger ferocious reaction strikes. The flat tail combines the benefits of an articulating multi-joint bait and a single-joint glide bait. This mode is set to dead slow floating buoyancy.

Boot Tail Mode – When using the boot tail the Imakatsu Replicator Swimbait will swim with a perfectly straight linear swimming action where only the tail itself kicks back-and-forth. The boot tail also increases the buoyancy of the bait, which causes it to float rather than slowly sink or suspend. This mode can be used with any speed retrieve as well.

Jabalon Tail Mode – With the Jabalon tail installed, the Imakatsu Replicator Swimbait now has an additional joint, which creates the most aggressive S-shaped swimming action. This mode also provides slow floating buoyancy and is compatible with multiple retrieves styles including surface dead sticking, jerking, and ultra high speed retrieves.

Buffalo Horn Hooks – Included in the package with Imakatsu Replicator Swimbait is a set of Buffalo Horn Hooks that can be used in place of the treble hooks. To use simply remove the trebles and attach the Buffalo Horn Hooks to the lower jaw hanger and insert one hook into each of the slots on the sides of the body. This system is perfect for lure-shy fish that won’t commit to lures with treble hooks hanging below. 

Comes with:
-2 Flat Tails
-2 Boot Tails
-1 Jabalon Tail
-4 Buffalo Horn Hooks
-2 Treble Hooks