Jackall Grinch Topwater Bait

Jackall Grinch Topwater Bait

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Blurring the line between frogs and swimbaits, the Jackall Grinch combines the versatility of a hollow body frog with the deadly action of a baitfish style swimbait. Designed with a hollow body that allows it to be fished around heavy cover, the Jackall Grinch features a large, upside-down paddle tail that generates a unique topwater disturbance that big bass have never before seen.

Armed with an extra strong double hook, the Jackall Grinch allows anglers to fish confidently with heavy braid and a stout rod, providing the power necessary to pull fish out of dense cover. When everyone else is throwing the same old style frog, the Jackall Grinch will stack the odds in your favor and help you put more fish in the boat.

Jacall Length Weight Class
Grinch 5.3" 11/16oz Topwater