Kaesu Kunai Blade Bait

KUNAI achieved what was impossible with conventional metal vibrations. Its various actions are especially geared for tough conditions. The line eye on its flat side helps grab water effectively, converting it into actions. Its high response allows not only a powerful vibration during a retrieve or jerk, but also a shimmy - small trembling - during a curve fall.In a short jerk when the rod is shaken vertically, KUNAI performs a slide-dart, a sharp right and left flying, to mimic small fish or shrimp escaping from bass. It triggers reaction bites, also enticing with its real-food appearance. In the middle range, at the bottom, in a casting and a vertical attack, KUNAI’s 3-D action, dancing freely in the water, has changed the traditional boring fishing associated with metal vibes. With the rod-handling to entice bites, fishing becomes more technical and intriguing. With bite-inducing capabilities packed in its compact body, KUNAI is dependable even in the low-temperature season. The tiny, big bass killer is for any tough condition all seasons.