Nishine Lure Works

Nishine Lure Works Smelt Head Jighead


This Smelthead features precisely carved gill plates, frantic eyes, and custom paint jobs to effectively mimic any form of baitfish that may be inhabiting your chosen fishing destination.  The Nishine Lure Works Smelthead Jig Head comes in a variety of weights and hook sizes to meet your need of accommodating various sizes of swimbaits at different depths. This jig head serves is very versatile, as it can be used for swimbait fishing or vertical jigging. The 4-ply stacked cone bait keeper that helps to keep your soft plastic sitting perfectly horizontal when you are fishing vertically for suspended bass.

Specifications and Functions

  • 2 per pack
  • #1 Hook size comes with 90-degree 2x Strong Gamakatsu O’Shaugnessy Hook
    2/0 Hook size comes with 90-degree Owner Jig Hook-33
    4/0 Hook size comes with 90-degree Gamakatsu O’Shaugnessy Hook
  • Suitable for both vertical & cast fishing
  • When casting, it swims headed down posture which makes easier to keep depth