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Nories Lady Fish


The Nories Lady Fish and LADY FISH is an amazing lure for no sinker rigs. The 3-1/2" LADY FISH inherits the amazing action from the original LADY FISH while also being able to cope with tough conditions and areas where small bait fish are prolific. Design foremost for lure action; the uniquely tapered body-line design makes the tail vibrate in the water. The tail shakes during fall to attract bass, and shakes when twitched as it darts from side to side, enticing bass to take the bait. Rigged with a jig head the strength in the material creates a natural vibration that resonates through the water. Made from salt impregnated high density material, the lure has enough weight for great casting performance. Also the taste and scent increase the time bass hold on to the lure for ease of hooking. Works fantastic in clear lakes and reservoirs, it also has enough attractant power for muddy conditions, 3-1/2" LADY FISH produces fantastic results.


  • 3.5" Long
  • 7 per pack