DUO Realis

Duo Realis Crank M62 5A


The M62 5A may be one of the most extensive shallow-water cranks created. Its high-quality componentry provides durability, better performance for a better more refined execution.

Many shallow-water cranks have a decent action but they are difficult to cast respectful distances. M62 5A has an advanced weight transfer system to ensure great wobble and accurate placement. The advanced ballast system possesses magnetized carriage that releases the casting bearing on to wide track that directs it to the rear of the lure. The ballast at the rear allows the tournament angler cast greater distances more accurately. Once M62 begins to be retrieved the magnet sucks the ballast into a specific position which frees the lure’s action and keeps it balanced. Now an angler can crank in close quarters or stretch it out with long casts along flats without sacrifice.