DUO Realis

Duo Realis Vibration 62/68 Apex Tune


Fine-tuned by bass angling pro Aaron Martens, the Apex Tune embodies years of bass angling expertise of an angling legend. The Apex Tune is a big bite lure in a smaller package. It has a signature swim action with a soft deflection and a descent rate that gives it the desired reverberation and quaver. The line eye has been moved back, thus lifting the running posture making the lure more snag-free. Available in two sizes, the Apex Tune is a pro angler’s essential tool for the game!

In addition, the weight distribution concentrated on the head makes it difficult to lift up and has excellent tracing performance in a certain range.

The compact body size of the 62mm model is excellent in response due to low water resistance, and it can produce crisp movements especially in lift and fall during low activity. In addition, in such a situation, suction is weak and it is difficult to hook, but the body size that is easy to suck leads to an increase in the hooking rate.

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