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What is the required performance of a drop shot sinker? "Easy to use". Ryugi thinks that it's just that simple. 

Ryugi achieves high sensitivity and quick settlement performance by using high-density sintered tungsten. By engraving the weight on the main body, you can select the intended weight without hesitation out on the water. The shape of this sinker is half tear drop and half cylindrical braking you the best of both worlds. This unique shape keeps you out of the weeds and won't get you snagged on rocks. The shape of the tungsten sinker get you to the bottom quick and keeps you where you want to be. With a good centre of gravity you can rest assured that you drop shot has the right action needed to attract those lunkers. It has a shape that prevents it from rolling carelessly when it is on its side at the bottom unlike a conventional sinker.It goes without saying that the results will appear as soon as you get that new PB in the boat.

Product Description:

  • 1/8oz comes in pack of 4
  • 3/16oz comes in pack of 3

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