Savage Gear

Savage Gear Pulse Tail LB Bluegill Swimbait


Modeled from a 3D scan of an actual bluegill, the Savage Gear Pulse Tail Bluegill RTF Swimbaits utilize a patent-pending design to achieve an unprecedented degree of realism. Made to swim and look like the real deal, the Savage Gear Pulse Tail RTF Bluegill features an innovative split rear kicker tail, which creates a rhythmic swimming action at all speeds, whether it is hurriedly moved passed tulles or slowly dragged along deep main lake points.
RTF Bluegill Swimbaits are “Ready To Fish” right out of the package. 


  • scented
  • built in rattle
Weight Length Type
1.25 oz 4" Moderate Sink
1 oz 4" Moderate Sink