Set The Hook

Set The Hook Flat Sided Shad


The first drop-shot worm integrated with BaitFuel – a powerful new scent technology – Developed in a Lab – Proven on the water.

The design of the Flat Sided Shad starts with a Nub Head design which increases density and gives drop shot hooks more plastic to hang onto.

The nubbed head is seamlessly integrated into an elongated and tampered body design that delivers incredible undulating action.

The body also sports protruding ribs that do double duty – giving off subtle vibration while holding more scent with increased surface area of each rib.

The Flat Sided Shad body then extends into an elongated tail section finished in a forktail to create that swimming-in-place action that draws fish into aggressive feeding mode.


3.5' - 10pk
4.5' - 8pk
5.5' - 6pk