Sufix Recycline Monofilament Line

Sufix Recycline Monofilament Line

Test Weight 4LB
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The ground-breaking Sufix® Recycline® Monofilament is made from 100% Econyl®, which is regenerated nylon made of recycled fishing waste, such as fishing nets and old fishing line, pulled straight out of the world’s oceans and turned into a dependable monofilament fishing line, as a part of a fully recyclable product system. The spool is made of fully recycled plastic and can be recycled again. Construction with recycled paper board allows this carton to be recycled again and again, critical in the future of our resources and environment. Recycline is the first and only of its kind. We’re making it easy for anglers to make a difference.


  • Monofilament line
  • Made from recycled fishing waste
  • Line material: 100% Econyl® (regenerated nylon)
  • Spool material: 100% repurposed plastic
  • Carton material: 100% recycled paperboard

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