Freedom Tackle

Freedom Tackle Wire Drop Shot Weights


The first dropshot weight designed specifically to cover water and handle extreme bottom structure, Freedom Tackle’s Wire Dropshot guarantees you will snag less and fish more!  With the shape of a traditional cylinder dropshot but with a stiff wire extending from the bottom of the cylinder that can be cut to any length to keep the bulk of the weight elevated from “Break-off” rocky structure or bottom gunk that can quickly fowl your weight.

Using a traditional line tie means you can use it for multiple techniques including the 3-way rig, slide rig and direct-tie options. Each body is embossed with the weight to take the guess work out when you’re tying one on.

The Wire Dropshot is a great casting dropshot to fish down ledges or in heavy current where rocky bottoms can quickly break you off and will also telegraph bottom feel with pinpoint accuracy