Z-Man Finesse Frogz

$5.09 $5.99

Offering a more compact profile for those times when you need to downsize your offering to get bit, the Z Man Finesse Frogz still generates huge bites despite its smaller size. Featuring a short body with two attention-grabbing paddle feet, it produces a loud bubbling action on the surface during a steady retrieve and induces vicious strikes from predatory fish.

The Z Man Finesse Frogz are made from Z Man’s exclusive ElaZtech plastic, which is extremely buoyant and allows the bait to float while at rest, as well as, maintain a horizontal profile on the water’s surface - even when rigged with heavy hooks. It is also equipped with a belly and dorsal hook pocket for maximum weedless capabilities and increased hook setting power. Available in a range of natural colors, the Z Man Finesse Frogz is the perfect bait for targeting finicky and pressured bass hunkered down in the weeds.

Length Quantity
2.75" 4