Z-Man Finesse WormZ™

$5.52 $6.49

When fished as a Ned Rig style, on a drop shot rig. Salt-impregnated Finesse WormZ's soft body and natural action are ideal for virtually all finesse presentations. Particularly deadly when fished a ShroomZ Ned Head or the CTS The Deal, their tails stand up off the bottom every time thanks to the buoyancy of the ElaZtech® material and outlast all other finesse worms on the market!


  • 7" = 8/ pack
  • 4" = 10/ pack
  • 7" size has a more bulbous tail that makes it ideal for fishing on a Shaky HeadZ or for Texas rigging
  • 4" size has a thinner, tapered tail that quivers with the slightest movement and makes it an ideal drop shot worm
  • Constructed of super-tough ElaZtech® material that is up to 10X Tougher than traditional plastics
  • Tail floats up at rest, just like a finesse worm should!
  • Salt-impregnated for added casting weight and so fish hold on longer